Urgent! Need Quick Help with Training of Sailing of Marine Corps Diving Team

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I am a major in United States Marine Corps. I am acting as a diving trainer at the base. Previously, I have done work with Sunfish from 2003 to 2005. At that time, I was perusing this as a full-time hobby. But recently, my supervisor has instructed me to design a training course of sailing. In order to do that, I have worked out most of the ground work. But not sure about the following:
  • As I am coming to this thing after a long time, what is the best equipment available in the open market?
  • What are the initial steps in the process? Like, everyone knows how to swim, handle the wind. But does not have the real experience?
  • Also, we have to buy 20 pieces of mixed sailing boats. So, what is good for the newbies (in terms of building up the confidence and speed)?
  • As only 3 months are dedicated to the training. What is the best time period (in terms of wind and wave speeds, if the training is conduct near to a San Diego base Camp Pendleton Marine Corps Base in San Diego, CA | Complete info, reviews, map Militarybases.co? Only those people advice to this question, who have experience of sailing near to that place or near to San Diego. In the start, we can't risk going into deep waters.
This project is pilot among multiple other initiatives. It will help the marine corps diving team to accomplish mission away from the coastlines (which is not possible with 200 miles swimming in deep seas). Also, sailing boats are less prone to sinking and detecting (by radar) compared to motor/fishing boats (it's speed make it prone to alarms in open seas compared with sailing boats that do not have this issue and work as best camouflage for reconnaissance missions). After the completion, the base is planning to introduce intermediate and expert level courses in 2018 and 2021 respectively. I have to forward the draft to Colonel within in a week, so I am looking forward to quick answers.
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Why design a course when you can just get the current certification courses and use them?

Designed to teach all you need to know in a long weekend if you push it... of course then comes practice, practice, practice for proficiency (which never ends)

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I think foiling catamarans will have the speed and stealth you are looking for. The America's Cup teams will have old boats they can sell you cheap. That'll keep costs down which appears important now that the Marines are using the Sunfish message board to come up with mission critical solutions!
"Fleet Rec Center" would hardly be mission critical.

I can't see Marines actually planning to use sailboats on a mission other than trying to beat the Navy in a race.
Stealth Sailboats?
Undersea Divers?
Military Base?

Sounds like a Ali-Ka-Boom-Boom Christmas wish list.
Oddly enough sailboats were used in Viet Nam. Lt. Ray Salopeck..who later retired as a Rear Admiral was advisor to the Vietnamese Junk Fleet and used those vessels to successfully carry out coastal missions against the VC.