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Upgrades For your New Used Sunfish

Mainsheet block would be high on my list
Race-cut sail
Mast cleat is a cheap and simple big improvement
In this video I was thrying to come from a recreational sailors point of view who just spent a chunk of money to go sailing... so a race cut sail and main sheet block may actually be as much money as come of these used boats being bought :)
basically, adjust the gooseneck to make the boat feel balanced. start at 15-16 inches and sail... move it in increments of a half inch back 16.5-17 in heavier air, and maybe 15-14" from the front of the tack in lighter air.... if still fighting the boat in heavier air, make sure you are hiking hard... pull back sail to 17, 18 19" as needed continue as needed maybe upto 24"