Upgrade or Downgrade?

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My boat that I recently bought came with what the previous owner called an upgrade. The traveler and all it's parts were removed from boat. In its place I have 2 pulleys on the boom. Is this an upgrade or a downgrade? I have less lines to worry about but is the full potential of my boat diminished with this rig?
You have a pic or diagram of your set-up ?

With the traveller , adjusted right it will help you point better and more control of mainsail shape.

that said, some like the simplicity of a mid-boom block set-up with its shorter mainsheet and the lack of a hat-catching mainsheet in light airs.

Have fun!

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Here's a picture. You can just make out the 2 pulleys hanging on the boom. The rope goes down to a pulley about 2 times the size of those two pulleys then through clam cleats (the big pulley is attached to the big center black bracket bolted to the floor at the tail end of the centerboard. I really have got to try harder to come up with the proper names for all the parts on my boat! The rope is thick, 1/2 inch I think.

I'll try to post a close up picture of the setup the next time I take it out.



Hi Dan,
I am not sure if this would be class legal for racing but I like eliminating the traveler line which I think is not very effective and mine frequently fouls the tiller and tiller extension.
The "upgrade" may have a little less sheeting leverage than the stock setup since it has 4 parts at mid-boom vs 2 parts at boom-end plus one part at mid-boom.
Without the traveler you will need to use your vang to better control the mainsail trim.
The upgrade also puts more bending stress on the boom but my GUESS is the boom is probly strong enough for it? Has it been sailed in heavy winds?
It's a down grade based on the main control of the original design to include a traveler. Also, as pointed out , class rules call for a traveler. The way your boat is rigged now looks more like a CFJ setup. I think you'll end up just closing off the leach of the main (as shown in your pic) which is slow for this boat. Your setup also takes up more space in the middle of the boat and lays more main sheet on your crew when the boom is eased for down wind and reaching. My 2 cents.