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Updated my trailer, What do you think?


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Well, I have a Laser and Sunfish, actually 2 of each. My son is getting into racing it which means we will be traveling with it over distances. Since we have dollies for each, I was looking at the Right On trailer but those are not in stock for a while. So I went to the drawing board with my friend who is very handy and he helped me fabricate these changes on my existing trailer that is really made for a Jon boat. We fabricated steel channel pieces that lock into the dolly frame material. This design really locks the dolly in place. Thoughts?PXL_20210613_163359737.jpgPXL_20210613_163809888.jpgPXL_20210613_174442289_2.jpgPXL_20210613_190950316.jpgPXL_20210613_190957211.MP.jpgPXL_20210613_191003534.jpgPXL_20210613_224930026_2.jpgPXL_20210613_224941488.MP.jpgPXL_20210613_224946901.jpgPXL_20210613_225000211.jpgPXL_20210613_225008275_3.jpg