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Update on New Builder Approvals


Upside down?
Staff member
From the above ILCA press release:

On December 6, Laser Performance was also issued an Approved Builder License Agreement, which would allow the company to be reappointed as an approved manufacturer of class legal boats and equipment. ILCA has not yet received a response to the agreement from Laser Performance, but we are hopeful to see a signed contract in the near future in order to avoid any delays in equipment supply.

I hope LP will be sensible...

Andy B

Mean while the PSA ILCA arrives in the UK.

Interesting price comparison between the PSA boat and the Laser Club Edition; £5885 and £3995 or plus 47%.
By the time you add on a trolley, cover, carbon spar and tiller the PSA ILCA comes to £6750 and is almost the same price as an Aero purchased under an RS fleet deal. (List prices taken from UK web sites 19/12/2019)