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Undersatanding the Laser class advertising code


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I'm having trouble understanding the Laser class advertising rule. At the International Laser Class Assosiation's website, www.laserinternational.org, it reads under the ammendments section of the rules:

10. ADVERTISING (delete existing first paragraph)
For the purposes of RRS79 and Appendix G, the following rules shall apply and shall not be amended by the sailing instructions or by any other authority:
(delete existing 10(c))
(c) Category C Events
The written approval of the World Council of the International Laser Class Association shall be required for Category C events in addition to any other approvals required under Appendix G. Such approval shall be displayed on the official regatta notice board.
(delete existing 10(d))
(d) The World Council of the International Laser Class may by By-Law prescribe further rules and restrictions to Appendix G.

Now this really confuses me, all I want to know is if I can get a simple sponsor or two for my boat. But anywho, I went to www.sailing.org, the ISAF site, under Rules and Regulations to check out Category C under Apendix G and it reads:

20.3.1 (b)

Category C

Advertising is permitted as per Category A [sail makers and builders logos], and in addition on hulls, spars and sails without restriction except the space reserved for identification by Apendix G and under section 20.3(b), (c), and (d).

Can anyone help me understand all this??

Fuzzy Metal

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You can put stuff on your sail ... just not where the Country ID letters go or the Sailnumbers. Hull is okay too, as are spars.