tying jens rig

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I have never actually had to use jens rig, but am only 130lbs and know that it could be an option in heavy air. My question is what is the proper way to tie it. I have seen oposing methods.

In one method the halyard pases through the mast cap and is tied to the spar as normal, with jens line slipping around the mast and consequently pulling the whole rig lower. as seen here http://www.sunfishclass.org/tips/jenstop.gif

In the other method the jens line passes through the mast cap and then forms a loop around the mast creating a hole through which the halyard is passed. This can be seen in the sunfish bible and is attached

Both effectivly accomplesh the same thing, but which is the perfered method?



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I believe the one you linked is the preferred method, not the one pictured, for these reasons:

- As photographed, the mast cap COULD pop off from excessive shear, when it was designed for equal downforce on each side of the hole.
- If the photographed jens were changed to a single loop, ran through the hole, problem 1 would be solved, but now it has to be secured to the mast lower down where the halyard threads through.
- Hoisting in either way would cause excessive friction on both the halyard and the jens line. They'd fray.
- If you want to change back to standard rigging, you'd have to remove the mast and jens loop to thread the halyard through the end cap. If you use the one you linked, you could change back by lowering the sail, moving the halyard on the upper spar, and re-hoist, simply letting the jens go slack.

Hope this helps.

IIRC when using a Jens rig you need to have the ability to lower the rig. At least that was the ruling at a regional event I attended.