Two questions (hull layup schedule, deck drain plug)

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Don't worry about the gap? I thought I might try to use some plywood to fashion a little mold to at least full up the gap in the poly styrene foam.

if you pour enough of the expanding foam in, it will expand to fill the gap(s). did you read the blog post I linked to earlier?
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I did, yeah. It seemed fairly likely to me though that the foam would spread out the sides and possibly not up high enough if there wasn't anything bracing in the gap on each side so I wasn't sure exactly if I had communicated the situation well enough. Very much appreciate the advice and the help -- it saves me a load of trouble if I don't have to find some way of keeping the foam from spreading out and not up.
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Just a FYI for the next Sunfish you do after this one. If you put the inspection port in the standard location behind
the center of the splash rail you can reach the deck cleat block.
It's a long reach but you can get the nuts and fender washers on.
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My rationale in choosing the hole I did was that it was exactly a forearm's length from both the deck cleat and what would be the fairlead on a newer boat (I'm not sure what it's called on my boat -- just a block I guess). I would not do it that way again, but in any case that's what I was thinking with this one.
Tonight I was able to get in there and put it in an aluminum backing plate that now runs underneath the mahogany blocks for both those pieces of hardware. They're definitely not going anywhere now.
I also put the two-part, 2lb expanding foam in the gap I made in the stringer and slowly layered it back up to the deck. Then I injected some between the deck and the intact parts of the stringer and stacked a few cinder blocks on it to press the deck down. So that's at least as strong as it was.
Tomorrow I'm going to put a cleat on the mast and glass over the hole in the deck and hopefully there'll be some of this nice strong east wind left on Saturday to sail.
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It's all done. Brushed in the gel coat last night before packing up and all I have to do now is go sand it down and then sail. Decent winds today if a little light but I'm going to make an afternoon of it anyway.
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Wow. Maiden-voyage-number-two-serious-this time was crazy. Lighter winds all day but as I was heading into the jetty I saw a friend coming out on his boat and I'm sorry glad I tourney around and followed him. A serial line came through and I got to give the sunfish the sea test I really wanted. 20kt gusts were coming through. So much fun! Didn't break anything this time so that was nice.
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*... and I'm super glad I turned around and followed him back out. A squall line came through...

I really have to start proofreading my posts when I type in my phone.