Two Lasers for Sale

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Practice Boat
1988 (135015) - Red Boat, off white deck $1200.
Used quite a bit, but still very fast. Carbon tiller, 2 sails, rebuilt spars with aircraft quality rivets.

Race Boat
1999 (169351) - Blue Boat, white deck $3500.
Used only for races and garage kept. All Pro upgrades, Carbon tiller, New sail, 2 practice sails, everything!

The first one to go will be sold, the other I will keep.

Both of these boats are in excellent sailing condition and well maintained. I also have a dolly and a trailer, that I would like to keep, but will sell if you want them.

Race boat is in my garage in Houston, the other at Seabrook.

Call me for information, don't post replies. Serious inquiries only.

Not open for further replies.