Two lasers and a trailer for three

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Two vintage lasers (80's) with a galvanized Long trailer modified to hold three lasers and a laser dolly. Have two tall rigs and one radial rig. Missing one boom (Lent it to someone and can't remember who.) and one rudder blade (have metal part). Have two full sails and one radial sail. Call 401-423-1093. $1500 for everything.


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Can you clarify what is in the package - it is hard to follow what is in and what is missing.
Like do you have one rudder - one with only cheek plates or only one set of cheek plates.
Also I think you say the trailer will carry a dolly but it is NOT in the package.
So does the two hull deal come with at least one full laser ready to go and most of the parts for a second (Radial)....
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The package includes:
2 laser hulls with the hull rigging
2 upper mast section
2 full rig lower mast sections
1 radial rig lower mast section
1 boom
2 centerboards
1 complete rudder
1 rudder cheekblocks (metal)
2 tillers (one is carbon)
2 full rig sails
1 radial rig sail
1 fancy new vang setup
bag of miscellaneous sheets, battens etc.
1 trailer setup for 3 lasers
In other words, 2 complete lasers except for 1 boom and 1 rudder blade
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Thanks. There is a rack on top of the trailer to hold a laser dolly as well. Maybe I should sell the trailer for $1500 and advertise the boats for free!
Actually, I think your price is great, I wish you were advertising in TX about two months ago...

I'd be interested in seeing what kind of rack you had for the dolly - intended for setting on the bottom-up side of a Laser?
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The dolly fits on top like the picture here. I didn't show it earlier because the dolly is not part of what I am selling.
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They've been painted. The original color was ugly yellow. The paint is sprayed awl grip but has a few scratches from novices that borrowed the boats.
What are the actual years of production for both boats?
Any soft or delaminated spots on all decks and cockpit floors? I have had to recore many floors on these 80's hulls. Thanks.
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One is hull # ZFS98604M81G Which would be serial 98604, built in February of 1981. The second hull's number was sanded off by a PO who had painted the boat red. I removed all the red paint before using Awlgrip 545 primer and blue top coat.
The hulls do have some softer spots and areas of gelcoat surface cracks, but nothing structural, worthy of recore or any different than you'd expect from a boat of this age.
Are they as stiff and light as a new hull - no. They are great boats for practice, novice to intermediate racers and even as beach boats. And they are priced accordingly.
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