Two J/24 Rudders For Sale ($400 Each)

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I have two rudders for sale. The pictures are marked "A" and "B" so you can tell them apart.

Rudder "A" is of unknown year, but it's been faired and just needs to be finished.

Rudder "B" is from a 1986 boat and it's solid but you could use some filling and cleanup.

Both are usable as primary or backup. Depending where you are (I'm in NJ/USA) we'd have to figure out a shipping strategy. A-1.jpg A-2.jpg A-3.jpg B-1.jpg B-2.jpg B-3.jpg
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Both are still available. I suppose "A" may be better in the sense that it has fewer little surface cracks and it's been freshly faired. Both are good, solid rudders but "B" could use a little cleanup.
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OK - how much are you asking for "A" and also if I decide to buy it how are we going to arrange this including shipping(I live in Michigan) - email
Wow, I just realized I forgot to include the price. No wonder they haven't sold yet. Just added to the title. $400 each.

No sure how to do shipping. For someone far away I was thinking it would be meet up at a regatta or something like that.