Turtles and me

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Sail on a fairly large lake near Traverse City, MI.
Sailed out alone with only a mainsail on to meet wife and friends about two miles up the lake on the pontoon boat. Wind was 15 to 20 mph sort of against me, so lots of tacking. Had to luff the sail quite a bit,and that combined wth pointing too high resulted in a few backward moments with sucessful recoveries, except for one!!! I capsized, and before I could get to the centerboard the mast sunk, and I had a turtle on my hands.
A young man on a wave runner came by and asked if I needed help!? You bet I did!
The both of us got the boat turned so we could hopefully get it started up with the wind helping, (We were quite far from shore in 60 feet of water.) Amazingly the boat started to come up, and even though the main sheet was uncleated, the darn thing came up all the way, and over on top of us and turtled again!
My wife and the pontoon boat showed up at about that time, and by getting a line around the centerboard, and pulling slowly with the pontoon boat while we hung on the centerboard we got the boat up!
My wife "insisted" that they tow me back to the dock, and I "reluctantly" agreed.
At 83 years old I really don't need to do this too often!!!
By the way, I had a Catalina anti-turtle float in the garage, which a "real" sailor never uses, but I should have, and will !
Live and Learn???

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I had previously had a 14,2 that was destroyed in a hurricane near Gulf Shores AL, and the boat I bought last summer had the float with it.

It is a triangular shape with enclosed foam, and it apparently slips over and fastens to the top of the mainsail. It seems to be a Catalina part. I have never used it, and the boat is now out of the water, so unless I take it to AL with us I will not be able to try it until next May. I would think it would help to prevent turtling. Call Catalina or maybe someone else has more info?

My "solution" to the turtling problem will be to avoid 20 mph winds when solo, and if I use only the mainsail in a brisk wind I will try very hard to avoid "irons" by staying off the wind.

I am looking for a boat to buy on the Gulf coast to avoid the 1200 mile trailor journey,

Charlie (carrnor)