Tuning a 14.2

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I am in the process of "tuning" my 14.2. I have read the tuning guide listed in the forum and read the threads in the forum covering tuning and I am confused where to measure some of the dimensions listed.
For shroud tension the tuning guide lists 21' 10 1/2" -21' 11" measured to the back of the transom. Is this dimension from the top of the mast? It tells you to measure this dimension from the end of the shackel on the main halyard. With only a tolerance of 1/2" this does not seem the proper way to measure this dimension.
There are forum posts saying the height of the traveler is to be 28" to 34" from the top of the transom. Where is this measured? Also what is the height of the boom. Could someone give me the measurement from the bottom of the mast to the bottom of the boom?
Any help would be greatly apprecieated.

Roger Lohrey
You do measure the shrould tension from the top of the mast to the top of the middle of the transome. I don't use a shackle on my main halyard as I tie the halyard to the headboard of the main. So I just tie a tape measure end to the main halyard and pull the tape up the mast. With the mast pulled forward toward the bow, when you now measure for the top of the mast to the transome, you will get the measurement you need to make 21'11".

For the traveler, measure from the middle top of the transome to the top of the block of the traveler that will two block to the boom if sheeted on hard. The acid test is when you sail, when the main is sheeted on hard the mainsail with be stalled (when two blocked at the traveler to the aft main sheet boom block).
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Still Confused

Thank you for the information for the mast position. I will find a way to attach a tape measure to the back of the mast. As for the traveler I am still confused. I do not understand where you are saying to measure. If you could give me the dimension from the top of the transom to the centerline of the pulley that is on the traveler that would be great.

Thanks Again
Roger Lohrey