tune-a-fish tiller extension?

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I recently purchased a tune-a-fish kit. Is the plastic tee that came with the kit the tiller extension, and if so how do you use it?
I think you are talking about the universal joint. The extension is a stick about 33" long with a flexable "Tee" at one end. This is the universal joint and a couple of plastic mounting pieces. Go to Ronston (http://ronston.com), click on the marine section, do a search for "tiller extension". A PFD page will come up, open it and near the bottom is a drawing that shows two ways of mounting the universal joint, removable and permanet. Hope this helps

If you did not purchase, or don't want to shell out some $$$ for a tiller extension (aka: hiking stick), you can substitute many things for it. I have made hiking sticks out of small diameter PVC pipe, aluminum conduit, wood, golf clubs and broken ski poles. You can wrap the stubby end of the universal with tape to make it fit your particular application and then just put a small bolt through it to hold the hiking stick on. With that said, I do like the hiking stick that comes stock on a new sunfish though. They are very light and the foam grip is nice.