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Hello, My name is Tyler Shea, I am looking to start a new clothing company that is boating and sailing inspired called True Wind. I am just trying to see how big of a market there is for my product nothing is goint to be produced yet. However soon i look to start making belts, hats, Flip flops, and Koozies perhaps.If you could just take this quick survey it would me much appreciated. I'm a college student so funds are somewhat limted but soon enough i look to be making polos, dress shirts, jackets, fleeces.. ect.
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Thank you for your response what kinda of things would you look for in sailing/boating inspired clothing? If there is anything one or several things.
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I for one would like some cool T shirts themed with boats that I own (or which that I own), namely Laser, Australian 18, 29er, International 14, etc. I guess you would have to get permission from the boat manufactures. I just don’t seem to find shirts that I like anymore. But that’s just my 2 cents. Hope it works out!

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The topic of Sunfish and Laser 'branded' clothing has come up before. For instance, see

The Laser symbol is copyrighted. I believe that the (non-legal) consensus is that it's OK to borrow it for a specific regatta. But LaserPerformance wouldn't want you to start selling Laser shirts on a regular basis without their 'permission'. Presumably, you can (try to) negotiate a license with them.
I guess that Team One Newport has done just that:
If you didn't have to get permission/pay royalties you could silk screen architectural style line drawings showing the side view of whatever boat you liked. This has been done but that doesn't minimize it's coolness. I think having appealling colours and graphics on a quaility piece of clothing are obvious winners. I think I would avoid the cheap t-shirt market, nothing beats quality even if that means paying more money. People want a shirt that looks good and lasts for years. If you target a more upscale market you can source out quality shirts/jackets whatever, that are made on this side of the Pacific Ocean. Check out websites such as Ronstan, Harken, Helly Hansen, Musto, Henri-Lloyd, and Slam. Good luck!