Trouble Planing the 14.2

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Hello 14.2 sailors!
Have any of you been able to plane this boat? I can just get it to plane when broad reaching down the backside of a wave in big wind but cannot keep it on plane. Eaiser with 2 people? Do I need new sails for more power?
Please share your secrets!


I had it up on a plane several times, but never for more than a minute or two (I am equally sure there are others here who've done it a lot).

The one that was most interesting was during a thunderstorm, with just the main flying... Picked up a broad reach, and boiled across the lake with a huge thunderhead behind me. I guessed winds were gusting 20-25mph, steady at 15. My comfort zone though, with just me is a max of 10mph with main and Jib. So I was kind of just being dumb that day (was still fun though).

It was a true blast! Me only in the cockpit, and she rode up a wave and took off! It pitched and rolled with the waves the whole way back hopping up on plane and borrowing down in again. Kicking up a decent boil behind me the whole way.

Yeah it planes... but not easily. Two in the cockpit it is harder (more weight), but still possible.
Not yet for me

I haven't yet, but I have probably sailed mine about 6-7 times. My 2nd time out, I took it out on a "high wind advisory" day on the lake, capsized twice, it sure was fun. I checked the GPS when I could, it read over 7mph several times.

Since then, I have wet-sanded and tuned the rigging. Hopefully this year I can get it to plane out.

We have our 2nd race of the year this weekend(Feb in the South is awesome sailing), and are expecting weather in the 60's. I'm sailing the 22. Once the water warms a little, I'll venture out and race the Capri.

I have found fairly similar speeds in the Capri and 22. The Capri is a whole lot more fun. I am planning on racing it against the big boats a lot more this season.

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Seldom Plane

I have sailed my 14.2 many times and can't easily plane. When the wind is high enough I can't keep her flat. Once in 20+ wind on a run with main only but it got a little scary. Twice with crew to keep her flat but too much weight to hold plane very long.