Trolling motor question,ideas?

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In the past year I lost my place that I used to sail on a large lake in virginia. I haven't had the boat in for a while and want to sail her on a local lake that does not allow gas engines. I rebuilt an old 1948 1.5 hp gale outboard engine that is very simple and has sevred me very well. I built a nice aluminum transom mount so the engine is out and down off the back and does not interfere with any lines like the traveler, etc. and can be "kicked up" out of the water when under sail. I would like to get an an electric troller for this small nearby lake. My Idea was to put the battery up in the cuddy and run the wires through the bilge area and put some connectors through the hull at some point to connect the motor. I'm trying to come up with a good motor to use. I really have no need of the tiller type handle sticking up as the boat will be steered with the rudder. I would be interested in any ideas that you people might have on motors or setups. I would really like to find a troller that had been damaged so I could play around with it and come up with my own design.
Trolling Motor

My boat came with Minkota 30 trolling motor when I purchased it last spring. It also had a full size 55 pound battery. I always had the battery in the stern of the boat by the motor. The motor does a good job of moving the boat. I got tired of hauling the battery in and out. According to Minkota the full load amps for the 30 size motor is 30 amps. This spring I investigated batteries and found that I could buy a small deep cycle sealed battery that has 34 amp hours. The battery weighs about 25 pounds. This battery should be able to run this motor at full load for over an hour. More than enough time to get away from the dock and back.
My boat is a model 2 so this spring I removed the cuddy tunnel and built a little platform up under the deck to mount the battery. I then ran 8 GA wire under the port seat and installed a Minkots trolling motor socket near the stern of the boat. I then purchased one of those water proof screw off access covers and installed it in the bottom of the tunnel directly over the battery. I then reinstalled the tunnel.
To charge the battery I open the access cover which lets the battery breath and hook up the charger. The system works GREAT. No more heavy battery in the stern of the boat.
If you need more information e-mail me at roganlaurl AT and I can send you some photos.

Good Luck
Roger Lohrey