Trolling Motor Fuse?


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I just bought a Minn Kota Endura 30lbs thrust trolling motor to push my 14.2 in and out of the little cove I sail out of on Lake Grapevine in Texas.

The instructions say that I MUST install a fuse or circuit breaker...but has no direction. Anyone have experience with this? Will this thing electrocute me if I capsize without a fuse?

Also...anyone else using a 30lbs Minn Kota have an opinion about the power/performance vs. as a 45lbs?
Dave - I've had trolling motors on stuff for years and never saw or heard of a fuze or circuit braker on them, unless there is an internal one. And no, 12 volt will not shock you, even underwater.

I have a 30# on the front a 16 foot aluminum flat boat and it moves the boat around just fine. Not nearly as fast as the 2 hp Mariner 2 stroke gas I have on the Capri 14.2 but it should do fine for short distances.

Fuse for Trolling Motor

I agree, you won't be shocked in the event of a capsize.

But... You need to protect your battery and wiring.

A fuse SHOULD be installed as close as possible to the
POSITIVE post of your battery. The fuse protects the wiring
and the battery from overheating in the event too high a
current is being drawn from the battery through the wire.

Use a fuseholder rated for the AMPERAGE that the trolling
motor draws. Circuit breakers are commonly available that
fit a blade-style fuseholder. The advantage is that circuit
breakers normally reset themselves when the excess current
draw is removed from the circuit. NAPA is one source.

Wiring from the battery must be heavy enough to handle
the current (Amps) being drawn by the motor. Make the
ground wire going back to the battery the same gauge.
The longer the wire, the larger the gauge needs to be.
Some discussion of putting the battery inside the cuddy
has been posted on here, hence the mention of length.

Hopefully the GIF chart I made tonight comes through.
It will help you select the proper size (gauge) wire to use.
( Remember to use the TOTAL length of wire, both + & - )

I have the same trolling motor, used only once though. I bought an inline fuse holder from an auto parts store and the fuse rated for the motor. Then I tapped into the positive wire on the motor, and little heat wrap and electrical tape. You would think if they recommend a fuse, then there would be one built in to the motor or the wire.

I did something like this inline fuse:
Advance Auto - Bussmann Inline Fuse

Be sure to match the voltage/amp rating for the fuse wire and the fuse itself.

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