Travis "PERFECT" for NA Masters


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The Rains have almost stopped and the lake is projected to fill only slightly into the flood pool.

The translation is.

The sailing area will be as large as we can possibly have and the water will be clean and warm and ready for Lake travis very best sailing conditions.

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As the rainy weather clears away, we will return to the "normal" June winds and weather. That usually means we have a south breeze that generally builds all day until sunset. The wind in June generally becomes sailable around 10 am. The whitecaps start about 3 pm when the wind reaches about 12. Later in the afternoon, if it is sunny, the winds will build with occasional gusts of 20 around 6 pm. Then it tapers off.

"Normal" only happens when there is no nearby weather system. When weather systems cross our area..all bets are off. However, it is June. Big storms are very rare. Dead wind is rare. The typical June weather around here is>>

I wish I didn't have a job. I could be sailing right now.

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