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Traveling with a purpose


When my husband and I were on our first cruising expedition through the Bahamas and Caribbean for a year we cut our travels short (a little).
Because we felt like we were not giving back. We were living selfishly and not giving back to the community and humanity as a whole.
That's why I was soooooooooooo excited to hear about Cruising with a Cause which connects cruisers to volunteer opportunities. As you travel you can now easily find places that have a community in need and you can contribute by volunteering. Sometimes it's building a school, sometimes it's teaching reading, sometimes it's helping cook for a shelter... it could be anything that helps others. You can even add opportunities. If you're traveling and you see that a community needs help rebuilding after a storm, you can add it as a volunteer opportunity and other cruisers can find it as an opportunity.
Donna Lange, the founder of this organization is going to be featured in a webinar on Tuesday night (4/21/20) at 7pm EST with Navionics and Waterway Guide to talk about Cruising with a Cause.
I was so excited to hear about this since my husband and I plan to cruise with our young son and this is the perfect way for us to find local needs where we can volunteer along our route.
If you're interested in this or know anyone that may be interested here is the link to sign up: