Traveler block??????

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APS has a sunfish part "traveler block with removable sheave" , part number V43508. There is no picture.

Is this a block that attaches to the traveler similar to a Laser? I have a clip attachment to the traveler now. It slides quite well. What is everybody using in the racing world???



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All the guys at our club just tie the mainsheet to the traveler with a bowline. No clip, no block. Also most of us have the travler without the loop in the middle which allows the mainsheet to slide quite easily.
The block works in conjuntion with the traveler with no center clip loop. I've found there's always a time using the bowline rope loop catches just when I don't want it to, so I went for the block. The original clip on the end of the mainsheet hooks to the block, so it makes rigging and taking down easier as well. No knots to tie or remove.
im not to shure on this but i dont think the traveler blocks are class leagal. so if your racing you might want to think twice
Yes, the single wire traveler and removable traveler block are both class legal for racing.
From the class rules:

3.7.1 The mainsheet may be any length and diameter. A purchase may not be used on the mainsheet. The trigger clip may be removed or replaced with an alternate clip of approximately the same size. A small running block may be used on the rope bridle with or without the clip (this one needs updating to reflect that the rope bridle is now illegal)

3.7.6 Either one or both of the following bridles may be installed:

1 The wire bridle with a loop in the center, supplied by the Builder on older boats. The loop may be taped to one side to permit the mainsheet to slide the full length of the bridle.
2. The wire bridle without a loop in the center supplied by the Builder. The effective length of such bridle shall be 31 inches ± 1 inch (787.4mm ± 25.4mm) measured from eyestrap to eyestrap. The rope bridle, which was previously supplied by the Builder, is prohibited.
That's the part that confused me about the rules. They really don't say if a block is legal with the wire bridle. Technically, the way they are written, a block is only legal with the rope bridle, which is illegal. This may not be how the rules are enforced, however. The rules really should be revised to make it clear that a block is legal with a wire bridle.
Niel I just posted this discrepency to the Sunfish Net. That should get the attention of some one that can do something about it.
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I was unaware that the rope bridle was no longer allowed.

Does anybody know the reasoning behind that change?

Good thing I didn't cut my wire bridle off :eek:

Seems folks kept "pushing the limits" I remember at one regatta 16 out of 25 rope bridles didn't measure to spec.
Back when I used a rope bridle I also kept the old wire on also on the boat, just in case the rope didn't measure in and I could just hook onto the wire one without removing the fittings to refit the wire one.