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Does anybody have any info on how to set up a trapeze system on my Capri 14.2? Can you use the shrowds?
Do I need to install a tarp wire? Thanks!


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I don't think the Capri 14.2 mast and mast mounting system can handle the weight and load of trapeze. I used to have a Solcat 18 cameraman that was setup with twin trapeze on each side and the mast and mast mount are a lot stronger plus the boat had 220 sf of sail area with a 28 foot mast.


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Thanks for your response Jeff,that seems to be the general opinion.
However, the little flyer that came with this boat years ago has a photo with a young man useing a trapeze!
Just don't seem to find any info.....


This is something I've given a lot of thought to, and my conclusion isn't nearly as pessimistic. Using a trapeze does add force to the mast, trying to pull it down through the deck as Jeff suggests, but that's really the only concern. A trap tends to unload the windward stay, so affecting the existing rigging isn't a consideration. If you roughly calculate that one person on a trapeze is equal to two crew fully hiked out, I can tell you from experience when three of us adults were out on a windy day, the deck didn't collapse .

With this in mind, about 7 years ago my twelve-year-old daughter expressed an interest in trapeze sailing so I decided to give the Capri a try. I bought her a harness and scrounged up the hardware and got it mounted to the boat. Unfortunately we only used it one time and that was while the Capri was strapped to the trailer in the driveway. Although she was excited by the notion, by the time the next sailing season arrived, she had outgrown the harness, discovered makeup and boys, and decided sailing with Papa wasn't as much fun as some of the other things young women like to do.

I sold the Capri this past Spring and bought an old wooden Moth, otherwise I'd post pictures of the rigging. The new owner wasn't interested in the trapeze so I still have all that stuff minus the parts left on the boat. The pieces gone with the boat include two padeyes attached to the mast near the shroud attachments, a block attached near the forestay and two fairleads bolted to the shroud adjusters. The latter pieces accommodate a 12' bungee which serves to tension the two traps when they aren't in use. If anyone is interested in what I still have (two trap lines, doughnuts, clamcleats, hoist rings, a 12' bungee and a child-sized harness) let me know and we'll work something out.