Trapeze and Spinnaker for Laser 2


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So I bought a 1990 Laser 2 last fall for $800. It's in sailable condition and just needs a bit of cleaning up and cosmetic work to get her on the water again. Sails are in great shape. My winter and spring project. It didn't come with trapeze and so I'm debating about making my own or going to fough and buying them. Anybody have the length of the trapeze wires?
I'm also considering getting a spinnaker rig for it. Would like some advice on that too if anyone would care to share their expertise or experience.


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You should definitely be in contact with Fogh - they're the other of the two remaining Laser 2 parts sellers in the world (that I know of), and they should also have the expertise/knowledge to fit trapeze and spinnaker systems on a Laser 2.

As trapeze wire length goes, it's a matter of taste/style and crew size: I am 178 cm tall and I like a "t"-shaped trapeze handle to be about 75 cm above deck level. A more modern "donut" handle should be a few cm lower, and the length of the actual wire part is less critical in that case if you have a length of rope anyway between the wire and the cleat.

Does your boat (hull/mast) have any spinnaker equipment? Does it have a spinnaker launcher tube/chute?

Some useful links (if you're not already familiar with this):
LaserPerformance | Boat Parts | Sailing[13302].pdf