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My local sail club is getting rid of a capri 14.2 for cheap. (they had a little accedent with it involving a stay coming loose and the mast tearing off... ) So I'm getting it from them, being quite capable with building just about anything.... the problem is that it doesn't come with a trailer. Any good sources you guys know of online? I'm a rather ambitious inventer of contraptions and have a few interesting designs in the works... such as making the mast colapsable (since it has to get the bottom end of it rebuilt anyway, its rather torn up...) My lady wife is also trying to convince me that we ought to be able to get the thing on a contrived roof rack upside down... putting the mast inside the van since it will be collapsable at that point....
At 340ish pounds, it is going to be a total pain to roof top on a van. Get a trailer as back surgery is more expensive. Good luck on your project. I'd see if someone has an old trailer sitting around to purchase as usually they can be had pretty cheap.

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Cartop madness

I agree with not trying to cartop a Capri 14.2. Hey, it takes at least 4 guys and a couple of six-packs just to turn one over and lay it on some padding in order to work on the bottom.
Securing it to the trailer

I have a "Bandit" trailer. I normally just put a big "girth" strap about 3 inches wide that I put around the aft part of the boat secured to the trailer. Then I attach a strap from the racheted boat wench through the nose plate. Do you guys add more strap than this to secure it to the trailer?
Should be just fine... Mine is a two inch ratchetting strap. I also have one on the trailer below the centerboard to protect it if it becomes loose.
If you have a mod 3, wider is better for the aft strap. I had a thin strap that dug into the side molding and now I have a permanent reminder of that mistake.

Don't crank the aft strap down too tight. You don't want to add too much tension. Just use enough to keep the boat from jumping around on the trailer.