Transfer your sailing waypoints ... finally!

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FINALLY the ability to update your Navionics card from in the plotter and transfer waypoints is HERE! I'm trying it out on my iPhone and iPad this Independence Day while out sailing our usual course. I use the app and the chartplotter both to save our racing courses. Now I can just transfer between the plotter and the iphone/ipad.

To update and transfer waypoints:
You MUST have an active freshest data subscription on your app and card for it to work.
Update your chart on the app.
Close app.
Connect to wifi on plotter.
Open the app.
Chart will automatically update and turn white.
Waypoints will also transfer back and forth- up to 1000 waypoints!
To access them on the plotter, need to go to setting, files/folders, look in Navionics folder. Go into waypoints, then import to the hard drive.

Now THAT is something to celebrate! This has been a requested feature for a long time and it's now here! woohoo!

Has anyone else tried this? I know it is something a lot of people on here have been waiting for so let me know when you try it.