Training in Cabarete and Palma (Anna Tunnicliffe)


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Palma de Mallorca, SpainMarch 25, 2007Greetings from the Spanish Mediterranean island of Palma de Mallorca where I’ve just arrived to begin a five-week training and racing session in Europe. Before leaving Florida I spent a training week in Cabarete in the Dominican Republic with the Canadian Olympic Team. I got there a couple of days early to get in some practice with Rulo who is the onsite coach. I worked with Rulo last time I was there. Again, he did an amazing job and I learned a lot from him. When the Canadians showed up, we had a couple of days of lighter breeze, but it built through the week. I got some good training in all conditions and also some good off the water training too. I went on a mountain bike ride a couple of times. It was a 40-minute ride up the hill, and about 10 minutes down. It was a very pretty ride, and it was good to see a part of the Dominican Republic that wasn’t the beach.