Trailex Trailer $300

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I am selling a Trailex Laser trailer. It is in excellent condition.
No title.
This trailer is so light it can also be used as a dolly.

Sells for $925 new, see layline link
Asking $300, one sold on here a few months ago for $800.

Need to sell ASAP.
Trailer is in Newport area.

Please pm me or email me at Todd dot Riccardi at gmail dot com
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No current registration... no title... that's why i'm asking $300 instead of $500. All the stickers on the trailer with it's information are fully intact so you could try to register it or register it as a homemade
You are the best, to even help load the new Factory LaserXP onto it, what more could a guy want. Now I am all set to go to some Masters events, as I haven't been so set to go since my first event boat when I was a teenager, with my 1973 first Laser from the Nationals in Barrington, I latter planted onto a homemade trailer/Dolly I created in a 1974 Barr.H.S. Shop Class.
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