trailering question

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I noticed the centerboard has no resting place on the trailer. shouldn't it be supported when trailering? if the centerboard is lowered it hits the axle on my Highlander trailer, which doesn't seem like a good thing.

Never let the center board just hang down when trailering. The center board should be full up and well secured. If left unsecured and riding on a trailer component it is susceptible to damage if the boat shifts during transit. It is also likely to be damaged as the boat is loaded or unloaded. Just my thoughts...:)
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Good point about the boat shifting on the trailer during transit, so I think I'll install a new crossmember in the trailer a few inches under the centerboard area, with a padded area that the board could drop onto if the cleat came loose on the hiway. that way if the centerboard were to come un-cleated at least it wouldn't drop down onto the axle. I'd imagine the axle would eat it pretty fast as you're bouncing down the hiway.