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the trailor that i am using to toat my laser around on tends to get some air when it hits bumps in the road. I was wondering which would be the better way to travel. with the laser resting on the bunks like normal or would it be better to have the boat flipped over and sitting on a box like frame.

thanks for all the help


Upside down, well supported, second best would be to change over to a gunnel supported ride, either in the dolly or with homemade side and bow supports.

If the trailer is only being used for the Laser, you might consider softening up the ride by removing one or more of the leaf springs. (this thread has more info on the springs - http://www.laserforum.org/showthread.php?t=3902 and dolly on trailer style. This one shows a simple box on trailer with the hull upside down - http://www.jdecm.com/laser/dollies.htm