Trailer Up-Grade

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My trailer is a Snug Harbor with 8 in tires. I would like to use the trailer for long distances (more than 1,500 miles trips) and I am concidering change the 8 in tires for 12 in.

I need advise on the ups and downs regarding this up-grade.

I do not have the trailer manual and do not have the manufacturer contact information.
Trailer Upgrade

I did just what you are asking with my Sprint trailer.
I have a second trailer tht I had rebuilt a few years
ago that had nearly new tires on it. The trailer that
came under my Capri had really old, cracked 8"
tires on it, so I swapped the tires and rims between
the two. Naturally, the 12" tires raised the rear of
the trailer, so I flipped the ball on the offset hitch
receiver to make the trailer sit level again.

12" tires/rims may be easier to come by in a pinch.
Not positive, but I think Wal-Mart even sells 'em.

You have to back the trailer a bit deeper in the lake
to float the boat. I have to strong-arm mine on and
off the trailer where I put in, as the regular boat ramp
has a bridge between it and the lake I sail which is
1/10 mile from the house. Thank goodness for rollers!
I may modify the tongue so it pivots (dumps) someday.
I can rob the hardware from the other trailer if needed.

I didn't have any clearance issues with the trailer
fenders and bigger tires.

Best of luck!
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Thanks Spidey for your feedback. Probably I should do the up-grade from 8in tires to 10 in. have you noticed an improve on the trailer stability or handling (in the road) when changed to 12 in?
Trailer Upgrade

i haven't had this trailer on any long-distance trips
since changing the tires over to the 12", but was
quite happy with the way the tires performed when
they were on the other trailer toting a DN iceboat
around Indiana, Ohio and Michigan. The trailer
pulled so easily you really didn't know it was there,
and it only took 1 mpg off my normal average to
pull it, even at 65-70 mph behind an Olds Intrigue.
I need to pull the hubs apart and inspect/repack
the bearings before any long road trips with this
newer trailer. Good fall project.