Trailer Recommendations for Capri 14.2?

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Put my new to me 1989 Capri 14.2 at my slip space at Lake Nockamixon (PA) last Friday. On the way home, a monster pickup drove over my Shoreland’r trailer while I was stopped at a light. Could be worse since my boat was thankfully still at the lake.

Most marine dealers in my area are not experienced with sailboat trailering so I would be grateful for any recommendations on makes and models or other advice and tips.
My '92 came with a galvanized Calkins "Tuffy" trailer. It seems plenty sturdy, but I'd like to add a set of guide tubes to it for loading in a crosswind.

I'm not sure if you can buy them new anymore, though.



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Thanks for the reply. I could not find any used options so I ended up contacting a Catalina dealer who sells the Expo 14.2 (same hull) and he set me up with a new Load Rite trailer which I picked up directly at their nearby factory.
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It is a Load Rite standard model 14F1000WT with 12 inch torsion wheels which came in at $850. Added $125 for LED lights, mast support and Jack stand.