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Trailer questions

Helllo people, I have a trailer question. I've build my own trailer for my Sunfish and as you canb see in the pictures I've used two black rubber supports, the meassure 2,5 inch by 20 inch. Yesterday I turned my Sunfish upside down and saw that the rubbert supports made a small imprint in my boat. The impresses are not big and can bearly be seen. Did I make my two supports too small? Or is this normal? Did I wreck my Sunfish? Or should I just make bigger and wider suppoorts?

Screenshot 2020-11-08 at 14.19.29.png



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If with "imprint" you mean black rubber marks, then cover the rubber parts with carpet.
If the supports made dents, then they need to be larger, and preferably extend to the chine.


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Use a technique known as "spiling" to obtain the exact curve of your hull as you cut the wood for your cradle. ;)

Pronunciation: SPY-ling :cool:


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I've owned and pulled many trailers over my years. After spec'ing out and purchasing our 30' power boat many years ago, I learned that the more hull support you have the better off you'll be. The load is also better handled if the trailer supports line up with the hull stiffeners. That being said, the re-vamped sunfish trailer I use utilizes 2 8' 5/4 deck boards that run the length of the hull and near the chines where the foam blocks are. The stern most edge of the trailer has a 12" roller to facilitate easier initial contact when loading.