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Hello Sunfish people, I have a question about my trailer. I've completly rebuild my trailer because I didn't like it the way it was when I bought mt Sunfish. (See the pics) It had a big and heavy box at the rear for storage purpose. So I had to figure out myself how the new and better trailer would look like. I've also found a lot of helpfull information here at the forum. But now the trailer is finished and I was wondering if it is a good trailer or are there ways to make it better? Does it support my boat at the right points? As you can see, I have a nose support, a roller underneath the boat (located under the mast) and two rubber supports at the rear. I'm looking for honest suggestions and tips. I'm handy with welding, so I can change the trailer in all sorts of ways. Thanks in advance.


Breeze Bender

Breeze Bender
From what S.C. has taught me on this forum, your trailer looks great! Support under the mast step and to either side of the cockpit is key, and you’ve got both. The bow support is really cool- I want to try to replicate that from some cut up parts I’ve saved from boats I couldn’t salvage. I learned from L&VW that many parts, even from a damaged beyond repair hull, can be repurposed for something else.
Nice work, Mr. D!

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We like what you did to your trailer, it supports the boat in good spots. You might consider moving the keel roller back to the stern to help in loading and unloading, it doesn't need to be all the way back, just far enough back and low enough to keep the keel from scraping on the trailer frame as the boat is loaded. Possibly change the front roller to a transverse bunk. And on one of the trailers Capn Jack modified had a keel bunk with a groove cut for the keel. The weight of the boat was distributed around the bunks, not too much weight in any one spot.

I's also consider adding tie down points (loops, rings or eyebolts) where you want them, as straps have a tendency of wandering around and coming loose unless the can be secured in one spot. Drilling holes and adding stainless eyebolts is one way to do that. Remember not to strap boats down too tight, as deck edges and keels can be damaged. We usually tie down at the bow, then somewhere around the halyard cleat or block/fairlead, then aft of the cockpit to keep the stern from wiggling. Capn Jack also made some nice wooden spar carriers, nice wide base to spread the load, carpeted to pervent scratching.

Really like the nose wheel and handle on the tongue!

Here's what Alcort sold, looks like Trailex copied it. You can see their bunks were a little wider.

ALC-12 Sunfish trailer front.jpg

ALC-12 Sunfish trailer.jpg

ALC-12 trailer order.jpg

You'll need a Corvair convertible to pull it...

And another Corvair hartop for cartopping...

Corvair Car Top.png

Here's the same Alcort ALC-12 with hull bunks to carry the Catfish. I think it would be okay to pull that with your wagon :)

Catfish trailer.jpeg
Thanks for your positive messages! I'm glad that I did a good job. Shouldn't my black rubber bunks be placed underneath the cockpit directly? Or are they in a fine position?


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They're best closest to the sides as the hull bottom has less support in the middle. The sides create more rigidity, due to the angle created, where it meets the hull bottom....much like an "L" bracket vs flat bar stock.