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Trailer question


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I have a single boat trailer I use for my Sunfish and Laser. I was wondering if you think I should make a changes to make the trailer work better for the boats. I do want to swap out the carpeting to marine carpet. Is there a better way for the bow vs. a standard bow stop? I don't want to go to crazy. Our Sunfish and lasers won't be stored on them long term but I don't want damage during travel.

Disregard the mess on the boats, we had a major hailstorm yesterday. Somehow the boats survive egg sized hailstones.....

Your supports are made for a stronger boat. Generally sailboats are supported with shaped boards that run across the width of the boat. I had to repair my sunfish due to a similar roller damage.


Upside down?
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Typically, Lasers are supported by the gunwales; the strongest part of the hull.
Sunfish are typically supported by bunks that ideally cross the internal foam supports. Some people have built long (longitudinal) supports that conform to the shape of the hull. That seems fine as well.

Rollers only will cause indents, or worse, as BrainCorrel already indicated.

Trailers for both also provide support at the bow.


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The larger the surface of the boat in contact with the trailer, the less likely you will cause damage. I might suggest you could put the bunks horizontal instead of vertical the way they seem to be now. The bow should be no problem.

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I used a trailer like this for my laser for years. Replace the front roller with a board, (like the runners) that runs side to side as opposed to the long ways run of the runners. Then turn the boat upside down/deck down on the trailer. That's much better for the boat. Deck is stronger than the hull and a flat surface. Can't speak of how to do the Sunfish.


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OK, so what are your thoughts on converting the trailer to be similar to the Right On trailer(Welcome to RightOn Trailer - RightOn Trailer I have a dolly for my sunfish and laser.

Looks like I would remove the existing bunks, make and add wheel wells out of conduit to bolt onto the back of the frame, fabricate a bow holder to hold the front of the dolly to the trailer.

I would buy these pieces from right on, if that was an option.
I like the concept. If most of the weight is held by the strap in the back, the roller support might be ok. Only downside, is that if you did not want to dolly your boat into the water, you would have to go a bit deeper to lift it off of the trailer.


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The weight of the boat would be on the strap and the bow under the gunwale. agreed on the point about dollying into the water.

I do think that on a ramp it might be interesting to figure a way to attach the dolly to the back of the trailer to get it pulled up the ramp.

Rob Hair

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I was thinking of suggesting that you get a dolly and adapt your trailer to hold it just as you suggest.

I don't think you will have any problem pulling your boat on the dolly up a ramp by yourself, unless the ramp is very steep or slippery.