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I am considering buying a Laser and i'm looking at a Kitty Hawk trailer to tow the boat. I live in NY State, do I need to register the trailer with the DMV and does it need plates? New to the game, thanks for your input.
I'm not familar with that trailer, but I trail my Sunfish in NY and need registar the trailer and get plates. The trailer also needs to be inspected. You get a 10 day temporary inspection with the plates. In NY trailers are licensed from January to December, so if you hold off a bit you get a break on the fee. My trailer is for 1000# and I think it is $10.50 per year, but by the time I register it it is is about $8. The inspection was $6 I think. (No brakes).


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Little doubt that you need to register the trailer and get plates for it. But you need to find out, if you are buying second hand, whether you need a title. The DMV site for NY should have that info and there's always the telephone on standby.