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Trailer, dolly or both?


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I am going to buy a Laser. I need to have a trailer because I cannot put the laser on top of my car.
I am going to buy a Kitty Hawk Laser trailer which seems to be the standard, unless I hear there is something better and/or cheaper.

Do I need to also buy a dolly or is the trailer comfortable and light enough to be used manually as a dolly?



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If you can afford both, that would provide you with the most launching options. I have the aluminum Trailex and I am happy with it. I can easily hand launch with it, at a normal boat ramp, have yet to try it at a beach. I have launched my boat with a dolly before and I think the Trailex works just as well as the dolly on a boat ramp. Just my two cents...

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definetely light enough (and more importantly, well balanced) to act as a dolly, you shouldn't need a spare dolly.

Only on steep ramps will you have a problem with the trailer being too heavy.

Kitty Hawk and Trailex are very similar. Most people give the nod to Kitty Hawk being a little bit better built, but it's sort of a toss up.

I carry Kitty Hawk because those things are rock solid and amazing. I launch my laser similar to you, every time I go sailing, off of a Kitty Hawk. Everytime, never a single problem.

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Every one i know carries it on the roof or carries it on a trailer and uses a dolly you dont have to use a specialized trailer. i personally use a regular trailer.

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One thing to consider is the tounge weight of the trailer - if it's too light the trailer won't travel well and may wobble side to side a lot. Because the Kitty Hawk and similar designs have a low tounge weight I've heard this can be a problem.

Because I'm cheap, I didn't buy the Kitty Hawk (a dolly came with my used boat) but instead I bought a used trailer with a real, real beat up sailboat for $100. I threw the boat away, took off the rollers and the boards that supported the old boat, and my Laser sits on my dolly which basically sits on the trailer frame. I tie it all down real good, and it pulls like a dream.


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mine goes upside down on top of the boards and works great because you can put your top cover on turn it upside down on top of the trailer put the bottom cover on then strap it down and put your dolly on top and strap it down. it works great.


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I have both a Kitty Hawk trailer and a Seitech dolly. I actually had the dolly for many years before buying the trailer, but I do prefer the dolly/trailer combo.

I find the light weight of the dolly compared to the trailer (even a stainless one) much easier for launching a boat or pulling it up a ramp. Also, I am very sensitive to trailer bearings and do not wish to submerge by trailer in water, even with Bearing Buddies. I exclusively launch my boat using my Seitech dolly. My Kitty Hawk trailer has not been in the water once in six years.

As for those who mention putting the boat upside-down on the trailer, this is by far the best way to minimize wear and tear on your hull. However this generally requires an extra set of hands to put the boat on the trailer, though I'm sure some people have Rube Goldberg devices that allow them to do it single-handed. I specifically picked the Kitty Hawk because I can get the boat on and off the trailer by myself. The bow pivot is Da Bomb.


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I have been launching my boat off of the kittyhawk trailer for three months and found it more of a hassle. In addition, the salt water, corroded the light circuit and now need to watch for the police as to not get a ticket.


sailingsimms said:
I have been launching my boat off of the kittyhawk trailer for three months and found it more of a hassle. In addition, the salt water, corroded the light circuit and now need to watch for the police as to not get a ticket.
Allow me to give you some motherly advice. Get on over to West Marine or some other hardware store or trailer supply, buy a replacement circuit, and install it right away. It will only take a few minutes and a screw driver, I'll bet.

If you want to go on the cheap as I did (scottish blood, can't help it) get an old trailer modify it and use a lighting board to negate the trouble with lights & wiring problems. I have to store the trailer outside all the time so the wiring is useless in less than a couple of seasons. As for the addition of a dolly I have not found it to be a must but it is a nice to have.



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I have tried it both ways. The Kitty Hawk as a combined trailer and launch dolly is a very workable solution. The biggest problem is the lights, especially in salt water. I replaced the whole set after about a years useage. It is not that difficult and the lights are available at places like Northern Tool for a reasonable price. The dolly is a little lighter and easier to handle at launch and you do not have to get out in the water quite as far.



Do an advanced search on Trailer. I just found 113 threads. Plenty of good ideas and pics there.

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Does anyone have a link to Kitty Hawk trailer dealer, I am looking for the sunfish kit, to add to it
but I do not find any dealer.