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Trailer and 2 lasers (2001 and 1979)


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Both boats are full rigged and in excellent condition. Both pass the hull pressure test with no leaks. Both have blade bags, spar bags, and hull covers. The newer boat (OQTH2080D101) is blue and white and has a Seitech dolly. The older boat (ZFS71787M79D) is yellow and white and has the original transom dolly. The trailer is from Big Tex and has a stainless steel frame for the boats. The cross pieces for the top boat are easily removed to facilitate loading and unloading the bottom boat.

trailer front.jpgtrailer rear.jpgtrailer side.jpg


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Hi, are these still available, looking to buy the 2001 boat, not interested in the double trailer. If they are, text me at 949-485-0384
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