TRADE snark rudder or sunfish sail for sunfish rudder

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I purchased a sunfish that came with a snark rudder and dagger board. I think i have an extra dagger board, but i need a new style rudder. I also have a couple sails I could trade. One class legal in OK to good condition blue and white in color and one recreational non class legal sail in excellent condition, crisp with sunfish logo and red and white stripes.

email: Matt (at)
cell: 816-898-0491


the sea snark rudder and dagger are kids toys..

they are made of plywood and are not the same dimensions as a sunfish..

just so you all know.
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I'm aware they do not go with a Sunfish, thus the reason I am trying to trade them for sunfish parts. That does not mean that someone out there doesn't have a snark that would like to have the pieces I listed.
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