Trade or Sell: Laser 2 Proj Hull for Laser 2 Rudder

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Hi Pholks,

I need a Laser 2 Rudder... I have a project hull to trade or sell. I would trade hull and all fittings for a rudder assembly.

I also have an extra 2 part mast I might be interested in selling...
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Old mast, barely used... If you're in Europe I would recommend just getting one new there... I am not paying to ship a mast to Europe. We can not buy them here in the US and that's why I'm asking what I am.

Its a spare mast for my boat, so if someone wants it they'll have to pay up. I don't have to sell it and there's not many other options...
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I'll trade the mast for three complete rudder assemblies...

Including tillers :) but I'm willing to negotiate...
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