Trade Optimist for Sunfish; Erie PA

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OK, I am looking to trade someone a sunfish for an Optimist.

The optimist I have is an older fiberglass model. It has air bag flotation like the new ones. I believe it was made by Edel boat works in Canada...that is a hunch though. It has the IYRA badge.

Wood blades and aluminum spars. The sail is original in very good with rainbow stripe panel in the middle. Hard to lose the kids that way.

Good starter boat. I would not think it would be a very good race boat though because it is older and there were a bunch of rules changes in the class in the 90's.

Boat comes with a seitech dolley AND top and bottom covers. Complete package ready to sail.

What do you have to trade???? Sunfish only please....
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I am in Erie, PA.....I do not have a trailer for the optimist. Opti's are easily car-toppable with hard or soft racks. I have a dodge caravan with sto-n-go seats and it will fit in the back with the door closed!!! I have a trailer that is road-worthy for a sunfish...there are 2 sunfish sitting on that trailer right now. I am willing to negotiate on the trailer....
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