Tracy Usher Elected President ILCA

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Posted today on the ILCA website...

The ILCA is pleased to announce that Tracy Usher has been elected as the new ILCA President. Tracy brings a wealth of knowledge to the position, having served as a member of the ILCA World Council since 2002, a member of the ILCA Technical Committee since 2006, and has served as the Chairman of the ILCA North American Region since 2004.
Tracy was elected at the recent World Council Meeting held in Boltenhagen, Germany where Heini Wellmann announced his retirement after six years serving as President. The ILCA and the entire Laser community would like to thank Heini for all his enthusiasm and dedication to the Laser Class and wish Tracy all the best in his new position.

I'm sure we will all want to congratulate Tracy and wish him well in his new role.
I already have made my personal congrats personally to Tracy (including shaking hands to his lovely and absolutely beautiful wife!!) at the evening of the prize giving ceremony at the "2012 Female Seniors Laser Radial World Championship" at Boltenhagen (Germany/ Baltic Sea) at Sunday, May 20th!

As "witness in place", there at Boltenhagen, I 150 % attest: Tracy managed at the ceremony, in his new top position to deliver the prizes to the high potential athlets, very well!!

To quote Paige: "May the winds always keep your sails full, Tracy!"

It was great , you and me Tracy, we both found some few minutes to be together, also with Charly and Paige!

Looser Lu, Germany
... one of the over 200.000 ...

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