Topping Lift

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Does anybody use a topping lift for their boom? I was thinking about a boom kicker, but it seems like a bit of overkill and pricey. If anyone is using this set up any advice/pointers would be great. Pictures are also always a good thing:D. Thanks in advance for the help.
topping lift (boom stern end lift?)

I added a small block to top of mast on the side and a cleat on side of mast close to jib halyard. I run a 1/8 line from stern of mast, tied to block, to top o mast and down to small cleat at side of jib halyard. I can adjust the droop of the mainsail by adjusting the topping lift.

I also stuck a SS screw and a lil SS washer on the sail track at the spot I did not want the boom to drop below. It keeps boom from banging on deck when you lower mainsail, Since I keep boat on a davit,. I keep mainsail rolled on top of boom most of the time. This rig makes it easy to cover cockpit and mainsail and keeps rain and UV off seats and sail.

I find my topping list very handy in increasing draft of mainsail in low wind conditions.