too many cleats?

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Okay, i've been sailing my boat for a couple years now, and I'm still not sure I do everything right. Actually, I'm pretty sure I do a lot wrong.

One thing that puzzles me: seems like there's one jam cleat too many on the mast. Or maybe I'm missing a line.

Starboard cleat: main halyard

Starboard jam cleat: ?

Port cleat: jib halyard (though I have a furler)

Port jam cleat: I use it for my down haul, but is that right?
I am not positive, but...

I believe both the Jam cleat and Cleat on the Port side were/are for the Jib Halyard. If you have a jib furler then these might be bonus cleats.

If you put reef points in these might be used for the reef tack of the main.

The starboard lower cleat is for the Main halyard and the Jam cleat is for the cunningham (downhaul?)

According to the manual (see attached), port cleats on mast are for jib halyard/pulley system and starboard cleats are for main halyard and downhaul (though I think you can mix and match as desired).

It took me a while to understand why the pulley was needed, but it provides the mechanical advantage to take the slack out of the luff under tension.