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Too heavy for Sunfish?


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Hello y’all,

I’m 6’5” and nearly 300lbs, wanting to get into sailing for cheap. I can find sunfish all day in my price range but I’m having trouble finding a weight capacity. Does anyone have experience sailing as a larger man?



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There are a few of us here over 200 pounds. The only issues seem to be getting back on board after a capsize, with emphases on upper body strength and one's age.



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258 LBs here with two spinal fusion surgeries and I had no problem getting on, sailing, getting tossed over and then pulling myself back up into it. I had one of my two sons (135 Lbs) with me each time out so far too.
As far as the weight capacity for the Sunfish, I think it is around 500LB or three passengers.s-l1600 (8).jpg

signal charlie

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500 pounds weight capacity, and she will sail fine at 300. You'll want to rig the sail a little higher so you can duck under it easier when tacking.