Tons of Sails for Sale

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Time to clear make some space in the storage unit. I have pictures of all of these sails, just email me at None of these sails have been used since 2009. All are located in San Francisco.

2002 Sobstad main built for the 2002 worlds and kept in storage except for using in and winning the 2008 Canadian champs. Excellent condition. $800
1998 Sobstad main, used in the 1998 worlds plus another 3-5 events. Excellent condition. $700
2002 Sobstad main, used in ~30 events. Decent overall condition - still crispy, but has one very small patch (1 inch round), a slightly deeper draft than when new, and a rust stain at the tack. Sponsor graphic. $400

2008 Sobstad Genoa, used in (and won) the 2008 Canadian champs, plus 2 practice days. $1200
2004 Sobstad Genoa, used in the 2004 North American champs, 2005 US Nationals, and 1-2 other events. $900

Brand new blade - Sobstad 2009, stamped for the 2009 Worlds but never raised. $1100

I have a few other sails including a couple spins I still need to pull out and take pictures of. Let me know what you need.
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One of the spins is a 2008 North San Diego SR-2 used in the 2008 Canadians, the 2009 Worlds and a couple practices. Stored since 2009. It has a sponsor logo. $1100
Hey Nigel... thanks for selling me that dolly of yours :) I am looking for a main sail for my J24 (Vancouver/Sunshine Coast). I am just getting into a refit and my current main sail needs to be retired in the process. Not even club racing here - just messing about with some friends in Sechelt Inlet and area.

I might be interested in the remaining Main sail...
Ship to CT?
I can provide my own UPS shipper number... best price for my cruising J24?