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Tons of quality laser parts


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hard to find, a guy in canada sells a rebuild kit seems to have one but I cannot get a response from him. will probably have to make my own. would prefer premade that takes some of the guess work out of it.


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Do you still have the harken vang? What about a Ronstab Frederiksen 60mm Ratchet Block for the main sheet?
If so, price shipped to Bay Village, OH 44140

Thanks. JB


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Hi. Just bought a laser but need:
Radial and 4.7 sails (curious is you have used and new)
Radial mast
XD vang set up.
top and bottom covers.
Is it at all possible to ship all or most?
Thank you for posting
I have the Laser branded tiller extension and love it but have noticed its sits a good 2 inches above the traveler cleat and gets caught. Anyone else had the same issue? I willl attempt to sand it this weekend.


I have gathered a lot of laser parts from over the years. Time to sell it all. To make things easy everything is 60% of LIST price. Will price things off Laser Performance or a dealer.

Let's not haggle, 60% of list, firm. 2 items at the bottom of the list are new and 25% off LIST

Buyer needs to pick up in Stamford.

Here is what I have:

Standard Lower Scetions

Radial Lower Sections

Aluminum top sections

Boom- Blue Blocks

Acme Carbon tiller- repaired

Carbon Tiller Ext

Windesign Carbon Tiller and EXT

Old blue traveler blocks

Black Harken Ball bearing Traveler Block

Deck cam cleats- Allen

Lots of assorted Laser top block pulleys

Black Laser Inspection Port

Lots of assorted Laser 29mm Harken pulleys with tie lines

Lots of assorted 40cc and 56cc ratchet blocks ( Auto ratchet and manual switch ratchet)

Large harken Boots for ratchets

Spring for ratchet block

Zhik Grip 2 hiking strap

Kittie hawk and C Vane Mast wind indicators

Intensity Sails spar bag

25% off LIST- New XD Tiller and Tiller Ext

25% off LIST- Brand New Harken XD Vang


Do you have any 4 to 1 old style vangs?
I need 3. And 3 old traveler blocks.
thanks. Text me at 570.996.7282. Thanks