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Tons of laser stuff

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Price $
This and much more stuff, if you need something send me an email and I probably have it. I am willing to ship the small stuff, but would rather pick up from me in ft lauderdale or I will deliver in the greater south Florida area.

$25 sea vane wind indicators complete
$100-$250 Full rig lower sections
$150 Radial Lower
$100-$250 Aluminum top sections, LP and Australian
$100-$200 Radial Sails
$100-$200 full rig sails
$30 Seitch hiking strap
$50-$200 Rudders and centerboards
$100-150 carbon tiller extensions
$100-150 carbon tiller
$20 Rooster Polilite Mainsheets
Tons more blocks and rigging
Can’t post all the photos on here but send me an email at laser166131@gmail.com and I can send you photos and pricing
Not open for further replies.