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Tons of Laser Stuff

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Price $
Laser rudder- in good condition foam core one rust mark bindings-$125

Aluminum tiller extension with foam grip- $40

Aluminum tiller extension with no universal- $30

Aluminum tiller black with clam cleat-$70

Aluminum tiller grey with clam cleat-$70

Seitech yellow hiking strap-$25

Win Design Carbon tiller with upgraded cleat-$175

Aluminum tiller with jam cleat 2x- $50 each

Nautos- Cunno and Outhall deck cleats-$45

Main sheet heavy air a little worn-$25

Blue plastic traveler blocks 3x from like new to very used- $25, $20 and 15 respectively

Harken spliced Cunningham- used but still got some life left in it-$50

Broken Rudder was repaired in a weird way so no longer class legal but just fine for recreational sailing-25

Harkin mainsheet block – $50

Pro spliced outhaul almost new-$60

Email me at Laser166131@gmail.com for photos
Not open for further replies.