tongue weight question

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I'm the new owner of a 2003 Catalina EXPO 14.2 on a Load Rite 15' trailer.
When I bought the boat and measured the tongue weight at the hitch, it was 120 lbs. I pushed back the crank post / mast crutch, as well as the boat, as far as possible and shifted forward the axle by an inch or two. That reduced the tongue weight to 90 lbs. I figure the boat, mast and sail weigh 350 lbs and the trailer 200 lbs for a total of about 550 lbs. 90 / 550 is 16-17%. Recommended tongue weight is 5-15%. Does anyone have any advice or experience in lessening tongue weight?

On another note, I'm interested in whether any EXPO sailer has experienced a broken mast.

Dave in Kansas
Dave, you might want to post this in the Talk section to get more responses.

I estimate the tongue weight on my trailer is less than 90 lbs; it is more like 65 lbs.