Tom-Kat's solo roof-rack-stack-packing.....

signal charlie

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Good option for those who don't want trailers, thanks for the pictures. Remember to avoid parking garages.

One reason to lift the stern is because you don't want to be putting pressure on the rudder fittings. If you lift by the bow you could bend the gudgeon or tweak the bronze fittings. Even a slight bend to the gudgeon will throw it out of alignment...ask me how I know :)


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One thing that is to Tom's advantage is that he is tall. Short people like me would have a hard time with this. Heck, I even have a hard time helping someone lift a sunfish on the top rack of my trailer. But my husband is starting to take boats off the trailer with no help using methods like what was shown. One question though, if I could do this I would probably try putting the stern to the ground verses the bow. I would worry that the boat would fall over or the bow would get damaged. But I guess the bow is lighter than the stern. Is that the reason why the bow is on the ground? If not why was the bow put on the ground instead of the stern? Thanks, Cindy
At 6'-0", I'm fairly tall, but found that using a stepladder as an intermediate step—to hold the bow temporarily—was a big help in getting the Sunfish closer to the rack. (Small pickup).